Friday 22 April 2022

Water Quality Monitoring

 Cek nomor 1, relatif mudah ditiru, nomor 4, selain opensource kita dapat membeli modul siap pakai untuk tujuan pembelajaran.


  1. Automated Fish Farm Water Quality Monitoring Using Internet of Things ,
  2. A low-cost and small USV platform for water quality monitoring,
  3. An integrated framework of sensing, machine learning, and augmented reality for aquaculture prawn farm management,
  4. KnowFlow - an open source river quality meter with Arduino,
  5. Implementation and Evaluation of Open-Source Hardware to Monitor Water Quality in Precision Aquaculture,
  6. Aquaponic Technology,

Monday 11 May 2020

Belajar Bareng Runlinc

runlinc is a new AI / IoT invention from South Australia. It is a web page inside a wi-fi chip. It is a rapid development platform for IoT, AI, and STEM inventions. The programming is done inside the web browser as opposed to programming on a computer.


  1. Runlinc,

Tuesday 30 July 2019